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We are certified to the ISO9015 Quality System and ISO27015 Information Security Management System.SICA is a recognized SICA is proud of our operations structure. Since that time I have been very fortunate to have conducted 100's of auctions.So at this time I would like to share with you some 10-year observations about the auction business as well as some advice to our seniors. (SICA) is a comprehensive auction firm established three decades ago.Licensed by the then Ministry of Domestic Trade of China and the Municipal Government of Shanghai, SICA is the among the first auction businesses reestablished under China's Reform and Opening-up Policy when auction sales were permitted again.Whether you are looking for antiques, collectibles, farm & ranch equipment, knick knacks, coins, jewelry, western items, cars, trucks, tractors, or real estate, we have it all!

We often see auctions that include collectible names such as Winchester, Remington, Glock, and many other firearms manufactures.Starting from a small group of people, we continue to dedicate ourselves to improving management, innovation, business development, talents acquisition, and have been keeping growing over 30 years.We are specialized in judicial foreclosure, disposal of public assets, corporate liquidation, state land leasing and disposal of non-performing assets of financial institutions, covering tangible assets, land and real estates, fine art, equity, intangible assets, etc.This session is open to all Alabama licensed Auctioneers and Apprentice.We ask that you please pre-register by clicking this link.

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