Aim lifestream not updating

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AOL today launched a preview of an all-new chat client, available as a free native application for Mac OS X, Windows or as a web app. For starters,the new AIM looks much nicer and has the interface akin to the Twitter for i Pad app, meaning swipeable panes.

Of course, Mac users have been able to add and exchange instant messages with their AIM buddies using i Chat, which supports AIM and ships built in Mac OS X. More important than that, according to use AIM for work daily).

Hello, i tried the application because a friend with a Windows PC, to do a video chat.

It work badly, and now, when i use i Chat, every time i send a message to him, i get a message from AIM telling me that i had a new version of AIM, and my friend could record the conversation and read the faq!

Let's state the obvious, first: i Chat has the market cornered for AIM videoconferencing.

Honestly, if you're on a Mac and you have an AIM account, you're most likely going to use i Chat to take care of that.

Next, group chatting is now available and supported with offline functionality, images and videos show inline, while separate panes for incoming Facebook and Twitter updates replace the dreaded Lifestream that used to pollute the interface with an endless stream of social updates, diverting your attention from the task at hand.

AOL could easily have thrown their hands up in the air and said, "Eh, why bother... They could have, in short, pulled an ICQ, who has no intention of supporting Mac in the future.Sure, you can login to Facebook chat using i Chat's Jabber protocols, but it isn't nearly as pretty and you don't get AIM's jazzy new "Life Stream" deal which nicely integrates AIM status messages with the Facebook status messages.AIM for Mac also makes use of AIM Expressions which, until now, only worked on the PC side.A third tab called "Me" shows how many other people's buddy lists you're on, whether you've activated mobile IM forwarding, and your Lifestream settings.It's a decent online console, and you can even comment on friends' Facebook posts and have them show up on the social network.

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