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I was having a girl chat with my mother and she was so against online dating.

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First impressions are important, whether they are virtual or in person. Just as you respond to things based on what’s going on in your life and in your head, so do other people. Additionally, credentials are just paper—a job, a degree, or a “pedigree,” so to speak, is only one small part of a person, it is not they are. Unless you: a) have endless time on your hands, b) like spending it running in circuitous motion, or, more likely, c) enjoy learning lessons the hard way, listen to your intuition. If something tells you it’s not right, it’s probably not. Slow your roll, dial it back about 1,000 notches and stop reading into every teeny tiny little everything. Sadly, there is no sarcasm font, and emoticons will only get you so far in nonverbal response.Seriously the last time I wore heels was dancing to the Macarena.So dating in my thirties, yes its completely social bullshiting.

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