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This is an important and popular starting point for tourists visiting Amsterdam.

Port Haarlemmerbuurt - the leader among all European ports. Every year about 160.000 tourists pass here, about 800 river vessels and about 100 sea liners are moored.

Holland is located in the northwest of the country, and was formerly the most important province of the Republic of the United Netherlands. About one quarter of the Netherlands is even below sea level.

The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world (400 inhabitants per sq. Many dikes over a total length of about 3,000 km protect the flat land against flooding.

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The highly technologized agriculture sector contributes significantly to exports and makes the Netherlands the third largest exporter of agricultural products worldwide.

The city got its name from the combination of the words "Amstel dam".

The dam on the Amstel River was located on the spot where the Dam Square with our is situated now.

You can rent bicycles anywhere and then you’re on your way to visiting the beautiful natural landscapes of Holland, past castles and gardens or along the coastal areas. This sounds unusual, especially for the Netherlands but it is possible here!

In Zoetermeer near the Hague, the world’s largest indoor ski resort has more than 10 lifts, along with après ski.

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