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To unfollow a channel or topic, tap or click Edit in the upper-right corner, tap or click the Remove button , then tap or click Remove.

Tap or click the Dislike button to dislike a story and see fewer things like it in your feed.

As you read more stories, Apple News will refine what you see in Today.

You can also personalize News to follow or block channels and topics.

With Apple News, you can read interactive and engaging stories from a large variety of publications (or channels) across a broad range of topics such as Entertainment, Politics, Food, or Science.

The more you read, the better Apple News gets at understanding your interests.

Tap or click Saved Stories to view your saved stories, and tap or click History to see the stories that you previously read.

You'll see the Love button in different places in News.

Tap or click the Follow button to follow a channel or topic.

Then go to your reader and paste it in the relevant place.

See the documentation for your reader for precise instructions on how to subscribe to the feed you have chosen.

If you don't see the sidebar, tap or click the Sidebar button in the upper-left corner of the app.

In this tab, you'll see a feed of top stories curated by editors and articles tailored to your interests.

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