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This is the same gelatin as found in products such as Jello.

The same green Jello you eat at 3am while watching monster movies on that channel no one watches at any other time.

I, on the other hand, am crazy enough to think this might be something I can use.

Would this be a journey of discovery filled with adventure and self realization?

The kind of thing that ends with me staring out a train window as I rumble across the great plains contemplating my victory and lamenting the losses I suffered for it?

This means that the light sensitive chemical mixture in paper and film are suspended in gelatin with a few added little things before being applied to the base paper or plastic during manufacture.

By the time I’m done, I have a series of exposures ranging from two seconds up to about twenty seconds on one strip.

When developed this should tell me the rough ballpark for proper exposure time.

The tonal range and image quality from this paper is still incredible after all these years. Check out the gallery at the end of the article for more images.

I think a huge part of the fun in shooting with old cameras and materials is experiencing the unexpected results of time and manipulation.

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