Body language dating attraction

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Putting a barrier in front of the chest is a defensive posture that shows a lack of comfort and openness.

The opposite of that, when a girl unfolds her arms or moves that drink or bag to the side, is a sign of comfort and openness.

She will often lean towards you – even entering your personal space.

These signals are big part of the body language of attraction.

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It opens the door for her to feel attraction (though it can be a sign she feels attraction already).When making eye contact with a girl yourself, the best thing you can do is simply hold her gaze and give her a warm smile.Don’t look away as that just shows insecurity and fear.If she holds your gaze for more than a second or two, or looks away then back at you within a few seconds, then you know you’ve caught her interest.If she breaks eye contact she may still be interested in you depending on how she broke it.

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