C program for validating date

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In this code, the confirmation box is display; if the user selects "Yes", the previous time value is set to contain the value contained in the date time picker; if the user selects "No", the date time picker value is returned to previous value using the copy contained in the previous time variable.

If the developer opts to perform the confirmation task in the date time picker's value changed event handler, the user will presented with two confirmation boxes each time the value is changed and then restored to its previous value.

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The fail function will return true if there are errors in the input stream.However, we can use C string functions to make sure we get exactly the input we need.First, change the middle variable to a string, like you can see happening here: But we still want to be sure the value is a letter.Most of the time, the program stops you or at least displays an error before you try to submit the form. The programmer has added input validation to the application.This is a means of ensuring bogus data doesn't get entered where they don't want it. If you give them garbage, they're going to give you garbage right back.

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