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And although I am a huge advocate for no physical touch until marriage, I know not everybody shares that stance.

Which is exactly why you need to know what kind of touch is too much for you and boldly share those boundaries.

Even though I was a tall child, I remember asking my dad to pick me up and carry me around until I was eight years old.

When I was fifteen, I sat in my poor grandmother’s lap and wanted to be cuddled.

In the hallways at school, in the workplace, and on dates; sometimes even the first date.

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” I could name about a billion things wrong with that question and the framework behind it.Protect your body, heart, and soul setting a standard and sticking to it.As always, my hope is that you draw your answers from the Word of God.Dive into your Bible, pray about it, and hear what God speaks to you on the topic. Today I’d love to hear from the women who have “been there.” If you could give younger you any piece of advice when it comes to dating and physical touch/affection what would it be?For years, I thought physical touch was my primary love language.

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