Cloud dating yuffie

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However, Sora interferes and defeats the God of the Underworld.After the battle, Cloud wakes up and apologizes for his actions.Hades promises to help him, but only if Cloud competes in the games and kills Hercules. Hades, no longer having any use for Cloud, fires him and knocks him out.Completely ignoring Sora, Cloud confronts Hercules. Hades then attempts to kill Hercules on his own now that he is exhausted.Cloud shows his gratitude for Sora's help by granting him the Cloud card. Sora and company meet up with Cloud again in Hollow Bastion, noting that he has changed somewhat due to Sephiroth's influence.He reveals to Sora that he is seeking to defeat his darkness, which is embodied by Sephiroth.

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Despite his association with Hades, his heart remains untouched by the Heartless.

He admits that he fell into darkness, and couldn't find the light.

But Sora comforts him, saying that he too is searching for his light.

KH II Cloud/KH II Cloud (EX)KINGDOM HEARTS II (2005)A SOLDIER who effortlessly wields a hefty sword.

WORLD OF FF Cloud WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY (2016)A Medal celebrating the collaboration with WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY.

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