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Customer behavior is predictable, and a database can help you anticipate and fulfill your customers' needs. Lindblad received her Juris Doctor from Lewis and Clark Law School.

Marilyn Lindblad practices law on the west coast of the United States.

When you purchase our data, you can expect to get the highest quality information available for your sales, marketing, research, and reference needs. We use 203 million records from over 100 different sources to aggregate our database every year.

We Cleanse the Data Randomly to ensure the database is good enough, before including in our database set.

Two or more databases can be linked to each other to create an association between a sales representative in the personnel database and the accounts she is responsible for in the CRM database.

The robust reporting features of databases make them useful resources for analyzing data and predicting future trends.

For example, a productivity report might show that productivity slows so much on the Friday afternoons before a three-day holiday weekend that you may as well just let the staff go early on those days.

A sales promotion effectiveness report might show that sales of certain products increased after an email promotion while sales of other products increased after an in-store promotion.

Business databases help small-business owners organize and track their customers, inventory and employees.An employee database contains such fields as hourly wage, salary or commission, tax withholding rates, year-to-date income and accrued vacation time.Other employee benefits, such as health insurance and retirement account contributions, can also be recorded in a database.An inventory tracking database can tell a retail business how much inventory is in a warehouse, in a storage room and on store shelves.Integrated bar codes and scanners form a complete tracking system, monitoring products as they move from one place to another and updating the database so you never need to count the inventory in a warehouse.

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