Consolidating vendor numbers in sap

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SAP BPC can be initially implemented to address one business process such as management consolidation but quickly be extended to address other processes e.g. This organic scalability is a unique differentiator of SAP BPC’s unified platform.

Rinedata Webinar: Business Intelligence: The antidote to Analysis Paralysis.

The Chapter meeting was well attended by around 125 SAP professionals and included organizations such as – Sloan, NEC, Amer Sports, Commscope, Sysmex, Bunn, Zimmer, Grainger etc. Steve Williams (Business Solutions Manager – PLM, Delta Faucet) and Sanjay Una (Sr.

Solution Architect, Gyan Sys) presented a session on – “Simplified SAP PLM S/4 1610 Using Fiori 2.0 for NPD”.

The session outlined – The session provided a great overview of how S/4HANA 1610 would help Delta Faucet overcome manual processes and disconnects in legacy systems for New Product Development.

It was attended by over 35 attendees and helped drive insightful discussions.

Access to Crossgate B2B (EDI) services will ship as a built-in service within SAP Enhancement packages, which minimizes the need for application integration...”SAP's solutions have always required EDI and B2B connectivity through third party EDI vendors, so how is this announcement different?

Malinverno describes it this way, "SAP is finally making a more decisive move into the B2B infrastructure market, compared with prior B2B alliances, which were only focused on reselling third-party technology.

Available in a version for the Microsoft Platform and a version for SAP Net Weaver.This latest announcement of a partnership between SAP’s worldwide enterprise capabilities and Crossgate’s existing network of enablement hubs goes a long way to fill that need, allowing business network transformation to become a growth accelerator instead of a roadblock.Crossgate is providing a service extension that facilitates operational excellence regardless of process, global region or trading-partner capability.”Jim Hagemann Snabe, member, SAP Executive Board explained SAP's investment in Crossgate with these words, “We are providing companies with solutions that are key enablers for business network transformation, allowing them to increase their flexibility to capitalize on market changes and opportunities."SAP Co-Founder and investor in Crossgate, Dietmar Hopp gave the following statement about the investment, "Our engagement at Crossgate is focused on supporting the international growth in the market for electronic data exchange (EDI).Plan better and act even faster with instant insight into all relevant data and real-time planning capabilities when using SAP BPC powered by SAP HANA.For organisations struggling with increased headcount costs and lost revenue as a result of inefficient processes and complicated group reporting systems, Rinedata can improve the overall effectiveness of the management function by streamlining business processes using a combination of cutting edge software from SAP and proven consulting services culminated over the last seventeen years - ultimately allowing more time for decision making and corrective action.

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