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By taking your courses and tests, I have been able to be one of the most fastest typing geniuses in my school amongst children and our family children. The option of emulating keyboard layouts is very unique and helped me learn Colemak on the fly on a different machine when I was bored.

The new speed test has changed a lot, but I like it how it is a lot different than traditional tests, in that it gives you a realistic view of your actual skills. I've been looking for something like this for a while now.

TRT 6 was established on Dec 25, as a multi-language public television channel.

TRT 6 is owned and operated by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation and now broadcasts in Kurdish language predominately.

Last time TRT 6 begin to air some programs in Sorani dialect. Deutsche Welle is the German based TV station broadcasts from the “Heart of Europe” as its slogan says.

Watch live DW-TV ASIA version of Deutsche Welle, which is airing predominantly English-language programs.

The channel started broadcasting in 1994 raised its funds thru TV commercials. RTR-Planeta is the Russian entertainment TV channel.

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Sky News is the UK-based international news channel covering world news with strong accent on UK news and political stories.

It is available both via satellite and internet as Tele5 live.

The Tele5 programming has mostly emphasized on TV shows of European production and some of them are Tele5’s own production (e.g. Launched back on the ninth of August in 2001 TVN 42 has been the premiere news channel that broadcasts twenty four hours every day.

It is designed to be a practical alternative to the Qwerty and Dvorak keyboard layouts.

It was released on 01-Jan-2006 and boasted impressive metrics in terms of finger travel, hand alternation, and same finger frequency.

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