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Platinum, while used after WWII, did not regain widespread popularity until the 1990’s.White gold is the newest alloy that you will see in pieces described as antique.The rhodium plating which is used to improve the appearance of white gold can also be used to deceive.Some manufacturers will make a piece in all yellow gold, and then rhodium plate some areas to give it a two-tone look, giving the piece the appearance of being made from yellow and white gold.Iridium is usually the other material used in the alloy.Platinum was popular from its first usage until about WWII. Palladium, a platinum family metal, is used in some pieces from this period, often in an alloy that included iridium.Some antique pieces, constructed from yellow gold, have silver work added, often in areas where stones are set.

Some white gold is relatively brittle due to the presence of nickel, which causes a loss of malleability and ductility.

Many credit the Belaise Brothers with the invention of white gold, or at least the first successful marketing of white gold.

The terms Belaise metal and white gold were synonymous in the 1920’s.

The majority of pieces made before the mid-19th century will be European, which includes Great Britain and Russia.

The practice of hallmarking jewelry and objects made of precious metal started in the 1400’s and continues to the present. Not everyone hallmarked their work, and the passage of time and repair work has marred or eliminated many marks.

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