Dating how to approach women at the bar

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As sad as it is, women do get roofied up in bars occasionally.

So they’ll be very skeptical of any drinks that are made without them seeing how. Now let’s talk about what you definitely should do.

If people see that, they’ll soon start ignoring you and not giving you the time of day.

That said, just like in a nightclub, first impressions matter a whole lot when you’re approaching women in bars.

Because you’re ignoring your friends and not even engaging them in conversation.

And not approaching other people just to be social.

Anything longer than that will show the girl that you’re anything but confident.

That’s because the environment is loud and high-energy, just like in clubs.

First, don’t hover around women you want to approach.

They’ll quickly notice this and your hesitation will make you fail before you even open your mouth.

First, make sure to approach women who lock eyes with you and smile or give you another indication of their interest Contrary to popular belief, women actually do want you to approach them in bars.

Why do you think they’ve spent hours on their makeup and hairdo?

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