Dns reverse lookup not updating varlogsyslog not updating

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For those who have tried, they probably noticed that none of the computers did dynamically register the reverse lookup (PTR) records in DNS.

it is causing trouble for certain things..is generally pissing me off.aging/scavenging is set to 6hours and 7hours DNS errors are being logged.please let me know if additional information would be helpful, and i thank you for taking the time to read this and for any assistance.cheers.Assuming you're also running MS DHCP: In the DNS tab of the scope properties, have you enabled "Enable updates for DNS clients that do not support dynamic update"?Fix is to verify that all your DHCP servers are members of the "DNSUpdate Proxy" default security group in the AD Users container. the DNSUpdate Proxy thing is just what I needed ....i think** it is working fine now...appears to be anyway...The above articles discuss dealing with this, for those who need hardened records.Originally posted by Qt Dev Svr: Couple of things to check:1.

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