Fender deluxe reverb silverface dating

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Even the in-between pickup positions on strats came out quacky and cool without breaking our ears.The amp was now a true texas hot rod amp reaching an approx. The tone reminded us very much of the 64′ Vibroverb diaz mod from Fender custom shop, just a little sweeter with earlier breakup. A few years later we have several spakers in this amp next to the JBLd120f.Then we pulled the V1 preamp tube and replaced the tremolo intensity pot with a new switchable one that can completly disconnect the tremolo circuit from the signal path when turned to zero (see tremolo disconnect mode below), both to thicken the tone by increasing the preamp gain in the amp. The pick attack was now acceptable and the hard treble frequencies were compensated with punchy lower mids.

Finally we point out location of components in the physical layout diagram. Let us talk about one of our own gig amps; the “Linda Ronstadt amp”.

Unfortunatley it was too shrill and needed to be cranked really hard.

Even then there was too much of the ice picky attack in the treble notes.

The Eminence Maverick with an inbuilt 9d B attenuator can turn down the volume to a Rrinceton Reverb still achieving full tube break up.

We are also very happy with a EVM12L speaker in this amp. It sounds like most blackface/silverface amps, full American tone with sparkle and punch. It has 22w clean headroom and breaks up at around 4 on the volume knob with a single coil guitar.

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