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I would have though that the lines in the Entering handlers would have been sufficient.

In most cases, events occur do to some action occuring (either direct action by the user or indirectly due to code...simple example...setting a List Box's List Index value via code causes the List Box's Click event to fire if there's code in its Click event procedure).

Following on from the successful Smart Ski Goggles experiment, EVOLARIS is launching a commercial service across Austria’s largest ski area in Ski amadé on 5th Dec 2014. It is bridging the gaps between FIRE (future internet research and experiment) and the educational community.

Ski amadé will be the first ski area to bring the most important information on surroundings directly through the ski goggles. To push the boundaries of online courses, FORGE is soon releasing an open call to extend the use of the project’s methodologies and tools to external learners, educators and researchers.

When the name is changed we want ot change this name in Label as well. It can be nice to pass information about this change to subscribers with what have been changed and to have old value and new value.

For this we will create Property Change Event Args class which will be derived from Event Args.

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