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) had sexted before, with the majority of them having done so in the past year. Sexting can really spice things up for long-time couples, provide a way to connect for couples in long distance relationships, and add a bit of fun to virtually any partnership.Now, if you’re already a pro at this, kudos to you, but for those who need a primer on the ins and outs of the phone sex during the digital age—read on.“One of the biggest mistakes people (particularly individuals over 40) make while sexting is using language that they don’t identify with,” notes Britanny Burr, a sex and relationship expert and editor-at-large of Psych N Sex.“If something feels weird when you’re writing it, it will feel equally weird when it’s being read. Words carry a lot of weight, and if they don’t fit, don’t feel right, or don’t sound like you, they may not land in the way you’re hoping.” “Recognize that what constitutes sexting or sexually explicit varies from person to person,” Woods says.In fact, something something that’s not so graphic can have a bigger impact.

True, it might feel less personal if the recipient can’t see your face, but think of it this way: “In a worst case scenario where the image ends up on the internet or in someone’s Facebook feed, you’ll be so much more relieved if people can’t immediately recognize you,” Valdez says. Among students surveyed in Colorado and nationally 46.7% of Colorado high school students have had sex (compared to 47.8% nationally).33.0% have had sex with one or more partners over the last three months (compared to 35.0% nationally).58.0% of sexually active students in Colorado reported using a condom the last time they had sex (compared to 61.5% nationally).12.2% of sexually active students in Colroado have had sex with 4 or more people (compared to 14.9% nationally).

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