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(Unless patchouli lube would cause irritation, then do nothing of the kind.)17. Vincent Millay spelling.) The "cinema" section (see also: artsy AF) has similarly highbrow fare (but don’t worry, still SUPER hot) like "The Decadence." The accompanying note reads "the thiasus, was the ecstatic retinue of Dionysus" which roughly translated means five people completely losing it while all having attractively filmed sex together. Cost: Free Offers: Stories"Want to read about your favorite characters getting it on six ways to Sunday? Ask a bookish chick about how many fics they’ve bookmarked on the site, and they’ll think you’re looking . Even if it’s Hitler in a boxing match with Trump or whatever, no actual crazed dictators are exploited because, comics.

YOU CAN," said the fellow perv who turned me onto this site. The only reason I knocked it down half a point was because there was only one story about my lust object, Marc Maron, and all he did in it was have a fully-clothed (wtf!?

It’s just one guy, yes a redhead, with a truly epic foreskin.

He never shows his face but he does post videos of himself jerking off.

As we all know (because we are women), women enjoy porn just as much as guys do.

But it’s shockingly hard to find porn in which the woman is actually enjoying herself in a realistic way, and doesn’t make you feel bad or sad or just not horny at all.

There are all kinds of niche choices including how-to videos, vintage porn, feminist porn, queer porn, and the beautifully named category "All Sex-No Plot."13. Offers: Videos The IFM rec comes from one of my readers, Murca, an Estonian who describes herself as "almost a bit bisexual happily married girl." Wrote Murca: "The videos there are so intimate it almost creeps me out sometimes.

Like I’m not sure if I really was invited to this stranger’s bedroom but here I am." IFM has over 300 videos of women making themselves come in a variety of ways.

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Cost: .95/month, but you can watch two films with a free trial.Costs: Free Offers: Audio, video, stories, chat Orgasmic Tips for Girls is "a blog about sex, masturbation, orgasms, relationships and body positivity," but it’s kind of like sitting around with girlfriends, talking about sex, asking questions you can’t ask anywhere else, and sharing the hottest stuff you’ve found. Cost: Free Offers: Photos, videos, gifs Yeah, yeah, Porn Hub is also, like, the worst for women.But skip all hetero fare with titles like "brunette gets slammed," the comically fake emoting and way-too-long fingernails, and click on the gay male porn. A lot of women, gay and straight, like to watch men doin’ it because (1) the men are generally kind to each other, (2) they seem to be actually into it, plus, (3) double the penises! Cost: Free Offers: Video Maybe this is a personal quirk, like the gay porn thing, but to me, there is nothing hotter than someone being overcome by lust — and Hysterical Literature is all about that.As she reads, an unseen person under the table stimulates her with a vibrator.As the women get closer and closer to orgasm, they struggle to keep it together but soon their proper reading of, say, Walt Whitman’s Cost: Free Offers: Video, photos I was never into gigantic foreskin or gingers — in fact, probably a little anti-, if you must know — but my friend tipped me off to the Naughty Foreskin tumblr and I was fascinated.

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