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It started after a hooker took a photograph of Sheen’s medication and threatened to sell it to the highest tabloid bidder.

The troubled actor, since being diagnosed, had remained out of the spotlight, but reports claimed that he continued to pay porn stars ,000 a night to come at his house and smoke crack cocaine. He even claimed to have had encounter with more than 5,000 women in his lifetime, not to mention his in-and-out rehab stint.

The troubled actor has revealed he was diagnosed with the virus in 2011.

He started, “I’m here to admit that I am in fact HIV positive.” “It’s a hard three letters to absorb. He also revealed in the sit-down interview that he was forced to come out because he has been blackmailed by different women who have cost him an estimated million.

The industry is also typically much more cautious about frequent testing, requiring actors to undergo monthly screenings.

Testing is imperfect, as HIV antibodies can take a month to develop after exposure, resulting in a false negative, but it’s better than assuming everything is peachy keen.

She disagrees that he willfully withheld information, though, saying, “He is not a monster.” But there’s also the six other unnamed women who have retained a lawyer and are suing Sheen for failing to disclose his status.

While it is rare for individuals to actually be convicted of this, it has happened.This isn’t about money, though, but basic human decency.Of course, an adult film star is willing to engage in more sexual risk than the average person.Except it’s not just Olson who is claiming that Sheen’s “no exception” comment was a lie.Natalie Kenly, the second of Sheen’s “goddesses,” alongside Olson, also says she was unaware of the diagnosis.

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