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GM I got "Ashes on the Go" from the Episcopalian minister standing in Fulton Park just as I enter the subway. i wish i could afford to live down there :( *rob* I think slow people should be banned from the City. Someone should prepare a guidebook on all this to give out to tourists when they land (with a German translation as well).I'm not Episcopalian but if it means that more Episcopalians had to die to get those ashes then so be it. Bake Sale Ban Rhetoric Swells Over Obama School Snacks Rules Feb.Anytime you have a point guard that moves the rock around as well as Lin is of late, shooters should be happy and fit into the flow.

I expect some losses in the interim (there's so little time in this shortened season to practice).

been out for a while already but it was mad pricey.

the other brands have recently came out with their ultrabooks (ie you'll see commercials for one from toshiba, dell,...).

"Oh, nice apartment...floors, doors are the first thing people notice about an apartment!? well i guess OBVIOUSLY the front door the first time you visit an apartment yes duh.

the first thing i notice in any any apartment is the smell.

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