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Setco, a plastic bottles producer in Culver City, California, and Stange, a specialty flavorings and colorings company of Chicago, were purchased as subsidiaries in 1981.The company acquired Paterson Jenks, a publicly held United Kingdom corporation, in 1984, and Schwartz, the largest British spice line.Other acquisitions included Armanino Farms, the world's largest grower and processor of chives, from Armanino & Son, Inc., of San Francisco in 1986; and three California companies in 1987: Gentry Foods of Gilroy, Parsley Patch of Windsor, and The Herb Farm of Encinitas. The company sold Golden West Foods in 1995 and Minipack of Southampton in 1996.Mc Cormick purchased an interest in the Old Bay seasoning brand in 1990, which was regionally famous for its use in preparing and steaming the local seafood delicacy of the Chesapeake Bay blue crabs and acquired Mojave Foods Corporation of Los Angeles in 1991, and the consumer products business of Golden Dipt Company in 1993. Also sold in 1996 were Gilroy Foods and Gilroy Energy, as well as Giza National Dehydration of Cairo, Egypt. of the Netherlands in 2004 and Epicurean International (renamed Simply Asia Foods) in 2006, with its Thai Kitchen and Simply Asia brands.Ex: 3486KA0254 = 1/25/14 With an 18 month shelf life, the expiration for example would be 6/25/15 well most foods are still good after their expiration date because usually the expiration date is the sell date, so yes it could still be good.also yes and no bacause the expiration date is not entirely accurate. Drugs aren't dangerous if taken after expiration date.

Its brands include Mc Cormick; Zatarain's, Lawry's, Old Bay Seasoning, French's, Frank's Red Hot, Mojave Foods, Cattleman's, Giotti, El Guapo, Gourmet Garden, Kitchen Basics, Stubb's, Brand Aromatics, Thai Kitchen and Simply Asia (United States); Ducros, Drogheria & Alimentari, Kamis, Galeo, Margão (Portugal), Silvo, and Vahiné (Europe); Club House spices and Billy Bee Honey (Canada); Schwartz (United Kingdom); Aeroplane Jelly and Keen's Mustard (Mc Cormick Foods Australia); Kamis (Poland). Mc Cormick (1864–1932), started the business in Baltimore at age 25 in 1889. Emmett Spice Company and entered the spice industry. Most of the company's assets and records were destroyed in the Great Baltimore Fire of February 1904, the third worst conflagration to hit an American city which over two days burned most of the city's central business district, north of the harbor waterfront with most of its then new rising skyscrapers. a similar California-based company, was acquired in 1953, and Canada's largest spice firm, Gorman Eckert & Co. Mc Cormick acquired Golden West Foods, a frozen foods manufacturer and distributor in Gilroy, California, in 1973 and entered that field under the Schilling brand label.

A lot of prescription drugs have a really long shelf life even after the expiration date, but the effectiveness of the prescription will decrease as time goes by after the expiration date.

But often I buy some random spice for a gluten-free recipe, use it once, place it in my spice rack and forget about it.

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