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Sure, extroverts appear to have no problem making new friends everywhere they go, but are those surface-level friendships really what the INFJ wants?

In large social gatherings, INFJs might be found “faking busy” by fidgeting through their phone, playing with the dog, standing next to the snacks, or stuck like glue to the one person they feel most at ease with.As a result, we may come across as reserved, mysterious, calculating, and even a little cold — even though what we’re really trying to do is connect.Whether it’s a “friendly” debate about sports, politics, or current events, or addressing an ongoing issue in a relationship, INFJs tend to have a case of “conflict phobia.” Being nicknamed “the advocate” and “the confidant,” the INFJ possesses a strong desire for harmony in their relationships.So why does opening up to someone seem so incredibly impossible?Based on my experiences, here are four reasons I think it can be hard for INFJs to create the meaningful relationships they crave. We prefer to have people come to us in order to engage.

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