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That being said, I have no doubt that you can find an escape room near you!

To learn more about what an escape room is, click here.

All of the fun without any of the terrifying risks.

If you have never been to one of these shows, consider seeing a roller derby game for your birthday this year!

Interestingly enough, that statement can apply to every single person ever so.

That being said, the chances of you reading my first sentence, “Happy Birthday” on your actual birthday are notably high.

The best part is the participants can do the whole experience from their smartphones!

The potential scavenger hunts you can create are endless. Have the participants complete a game with a minimum point goal in order to view the next clue for the next arcade game.

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We have locations in Silver Spring and Atlanta and are looking to expand in 2016.Indoor Skydiving is becoming more and more popular.You are essentially put into a clear tube that creates the same effect of freefalling out of an airplane!This is pretty straightforward so, no description necessary!Why have a normal BBQ to celebrate your birthday, when you can add in a slightly comical and very-much awesome feature to your party?

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