Morman dating rules

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A temple wedding is always held within one of the world's 131 (and counting) Holy Temples, and is considered a marriage for all eternity (not just "until death do you part").

The devout strive for a temple wedding, which requires advance permission from clergy.

I've known people who's parents make a big deal out of their daughters first date, like its a thing that people gossip about.

Also, Mormon dates have got to be the shittiest most boring dates ever.

I think that, even with all their strict dating rules, everyone starts expecting you to date at 16, like its a requirement.

When you're almost 16 people start asking you if boys are asking you out, (like random middle aged women in the ward), and its the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

Her younger sister though, she started dating at 14/15 years old, and no one batted an eye! He hadn't date much to speak of before his mission.

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If your bishop finds you diligent, he'll sign a "temple recommend," which gives you permission to enter a Holy Temple.

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There are two types of Latter-day Saints services: an official temple wedding and a standard church service.

I was wondering what rules about dating were forced on you by either parents or church leaders. No reason to complicate it with all those "Where are we going? I don't really see the point for marriage at all, honestly. I ended up being the only one active by senior year. I dated a Mormon divorcee' once who told me at the beginning of our first date,"You will have to excuse me that I don't wear garments on dates.

My mom told me and my sibs that we couldn't date until we were 18, and no making out until marriage as that will lead to sex (little pecks are okay, but no tongue), and any relationship that doesn't lead to an eternal marriage is a waste of time, and if he doesn't want to marry you in the temple then he doesn't really love you. I find that they tend to get in the way."She was a keeper!

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