No telefon awek wechat

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Dont be surprise to know that many local amoi are ok with malay guy.

Wechat very famous in China because all other app got block there except wechat.

ekzos kopek Hi fellow /k hunting experts...yesterday was at malay stalls berbuka puasa.. pastu malas dah nak bawak RX-Z bawak 125 jer"Somehow heard he said 'siap nak tong minyak lagi nak pusing2 KL' So...

ekzos kopekk la kowang, 2 jew aku nurk bebel.amerk atiew taw nan titew...2 cume titew punye pndangan ajew.turk puas atiew ley mawah org len,,titew turk calah pown Cy E n Uc K b Er Ke Na La N d Gn Aw Ak Cm Ua Bo Le Yh?

125ZMalay guy can start be friend with amoi in the wechat Or maybe if visit China also can use wechat to find China amoi.

id wechat bohsia atau pelacur (1) id wechat bohsi kelantan (1).

Comments and Opinions : This business was profitable .

but cukupla for daily expenses , just tired time maintenance and upgrades je la .

Type of Business: Wireless Broadband ( Hotspots ) capital : RM5K - Maximum (depending on where and how the implementation ) upgrade : every 6months Partners: there at the beginning, the second , a little support wife third year ( now ) , noon to shred investor survive implement commercial networks .

location : 1st year - Seremban 2nd year - Karachi 2xsite 3rd year - Seremban , Cheras kl (new 8bulan ) Total to date 3xsite Monthly income / Daily : On average for the first and second year , 600 monthly for one site - RM1000 There are slow every 3M in one year.

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