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I’ve listed international test dates in separate tables since the SAT is administered on fewer dates outside the US.

Note that in the US (and abroad, as of 2018), SAT Subject Tests are available on all SAT dates personally, we've created an easy-to-use visual calendar for the 2019-20 SAT test dates.

As a result, you might have to wait at most around six weeks after your test date for your schools to officially process your SAT scores.

And this doesn't even include the extra time needed to process orders for additional score reports (if you have more than four schools you want to send scores to).

If you'll be ordering additional score reports after your scores come out, stick with test dates more than seven or eight weeks before your deadlines. Generally, school-based SAT scholarships will use the same deadlines as college applications.

Remember that if your schools don't receive or process your SAT scores in time, your application could get disqualified! If you're not sure when your SAT scores are due, contact your schools directly to ask whether your scores should arrive earlier than or with your application.

Therefore, as a rule, don't take the SAT less than five or six weeks before your college apps are due.

Furthermore, trying to balance so much prep during the school year—and as you’re applying to college, no less! We normally recommend setting aside three to six months for SAT prep.

This amount of time allows you to space out your study sessions so that you're studying consistently without burning yourself out.

That said, avoid registering for back-to-back SAT test dates, especially in the fall of your senior year.

Squeezing in too many SATs gives you barely any time to study and probably won't raise your score by any noticeable margin. Before you register for the SAT, decide how much time you'll need to dedicate to studying.

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