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“Our similarities between Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, I think are more apt for me than him. She is brunette and he has silver hair, like us, but Kern is way better looking than Michael Douglas.

“People have told us we look like them while vacationing and that we are a very striking couple.

Well, Netflix's new series hashtag, it seemed like the most hated contestant was clearly Sarah.

She'd fondle him/spank him with props around the set." In comparison, she makes Hannah B look like a friggin' angel.

She added: “Why would I want to change at that part of his life, honestly I love my life, we enjoy the freedom of traveling and having fun together. Taylor said: “We met with a trust and will attorney, it’s something not a lot of mid-20s women have to deal with and it’s pretty hard. Kern, a retiree, said: “Taylor has a great sense of humour, is vivacious and an old soul. Also she is my best friend and is very easy to talk to about anything.

“Every year we spend a week in Mexico, it’s fun but it’s a party. “I didn’t really have any reservations, and whether Amanda realizes it or not she was largely responsible for our meeting.

His personality, and the show’s, is the functional equivalent of a knife slicing smoothly through a stick of butter. There are no voiceovers, unless you count the subtle introduction of the protagonists by their roommates or friends. Each episode is broken up into three chapters—“Drinks,” “Dinner,” and the more up-for-grabs, “After Hours,” which take place in cabs or at another bar, if at all—followed by a daytime reveal.

Its essential tension comes not from the flare-ups between suitors or the nature of the premise, as on , but from the editing room, where snippets from each of the protagonist’s dates are spliced seamlessly together, culminating in a slow build.

I appreciate his age, wisdom and also, the security we have as a couple.” Instead of considering children in their future, Taylor says the loved-up duo are happy with their the freedom their lifestyle allows them from partying to date nights and exploring the world. We both take pride in our home and hosting.” With an age gap of 27-years between them, the couple have had to speak about the possibility that Kern could pass away before her and lay out future plans. I could go first tomorrow by a freak accident or anything.” Feeling content with the lives ahead of them, the pair are due to celebrate their second wedding anniversary in May.

“We’ve only had one experience of people confusing our relationship, it was when we closed on our California home, the notary said, ‘Your daughter can fill this out or sign here’ “We started laughing and Kern told her, ‘she’s my wife’ and the notary felt stupid.

“At the beginning my parents were kind of concerned, my mom was upset that this was my friend’s dad, but they know I’ve always dated older men.

"It's been a very interesting evening, but I think I might skadoodle, if that's cool." My. Meanwhile, there was a perfectly hatable villain right in front of you the whole least in episode 2.

The beautiful Gurki (36) is on a date with Justin (34), also a real estate bro, where he proceeds to tell her she's wasted her life, insults her Indian culture, puts her down for getting divorced, and told her to choose between him and her cat. I could rant about this for hours but I'll let Twitter do it for me.

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