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He joined a local football club after developing a strong interest in football during the J. He wanted to play for a professional team and at one point considered studying abroad in Brazil to become a professional footballer.Sakurai is the designated rapper of Arashi and, although he had written rap lyrics (known to fans as Sakurap) for some of the group's earlier releases under the pen name "Show", his first major contribution was for the A-side song "Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono".The long-awaited live-action adaptation of Fujiko A.Fujio’s manga and anime series Kaibutsu kun (Little Monster), the movie takes viewers on a wild roller coaster of action, adventures, multicolors, superpowers and tons of spectacular 3D visuals.Specially formed to promote the movie, they released the movie's theme song "Seaside Bye-Bye" Sakurai co-wrote the lyrics of six songs on the August 2010 Arashi album Boku no Miteiru Fūkei.

Face masks and hats are typically worn to hide their identity.

Since verifying the relationship, "Shukan Post" have taken photos of the couple together.

These photos were published with the magazine's report.[Update]Ayaka Ogawa has confirmed her relationship with Sho Sakurai, characterizing it as "serious".

While not the first artist from Johnny's to take on rapping, his breakthrough made it easier for his juniors to rap as well, despite being idols.

Sakurai was also a part of a special group with his Kisarazu Cat's Eye World Series co-stars that same year.

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