Sophos enterprise solutions updating

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My updated version of the script can be accessed here RT2VMw9 My further updated version of the script which now supports SAV 9.2.x is here Note: The free home edition is not authorised for business use, only for home use.

So if you have no Windows server and need to mass deploy Sophos Anti-Virus 9 for Mac the best solution is as follows.

Sophos technical support were not a lot of help regarding this and frankly seem pretty clueless about how Mac software is deployed in an enterprise environment. Sophos Cloud can be thought of as being a cloud based version of Sophos Enterprise Console in that it lets you manage settings and view the status of the client computers running Sophos Anti-Virus, and unlike the Sophos Enterprise Console can be accessed via a web-browser on a Mac.

However the client installer used with Sophos Cloud for Mac is still the same custom application and not a standard Apple installer package, as such it still cannot be deployed using standard Mac administration tools.

SUM does not support SAV9 and so far Sophos have shown no interest in providing an updated version.

Sophos do provide a standalone installer for SAV9 which will automatically if needed uninstall SAV8 and replace it with SAV9, and this installer can be pre-configured with the credentials needed to get updates directly from Sophos' servers.

id=9785 and also pursued this matter directly with another contact I had at Sophos.

Unfortunately the standalone SAV9 installer is not a standard Apple installer type package, it is an application that itself does the installation.As an aside the free home edition of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac is also based on the same custom application.So at this point the only official options were to buy a Windows Server just so you could run Sophos Enterprise Console, something that would have cost a fortune even if you run it in a virtual machine as you not only would have to buy Windows Server but also all the Client Access Licenses for all your Macs, or you would have to go round each and every Mac client and manually run the standalone installer application with the huge administrative overhead this entails and the often frequent difficulty to get access to machines.Firstly it let you build a pre-configured installer package which would include the settings telling Mac clients how to get updates, and secondly it would automatically update this install and folder, it would also put in this folder new anti-virus definitions.You would therefore normally have this folder on a Mac file server and have the installer package and hence client Macs configured to get updates from this folder.

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