Teen dating violence in asia

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Likewise, Symonett said the most important piece of information she has learned is that there are adults available for her to talk to if necessary.Free pizza, drinks, cake and bowling are a good way to get children to an event on teen dating violence, she said.Similarly, more programs need to address marital and parenting programs that can reduce the incidence of parental violence, as well as produce broader benefits by improving the parenting of all who participate.This is an essential step in the development of a comprehensive public health prevention initiative to end teen dating violence as behaviors are molded in the home.Austin, Camp Zama's Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program manager, teamed up with colleagues to provide students in grades seven through 12 information about teen dating violence, and provided the free food and bowling to help get them in the door."Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month occurs every year in February, so what we do is we try to work with the teenagers to help them understand domestic violence and how it affects teens," Austin said.Clinicians also need to participate and contribute to this effort in order to construct the consistent and effective prevention techniques needed to decrease violence in the home, stigma involved around communication, increase communication skills, and protect the health of high risk adolescents and their parents.More provisions need to be set in the community to discuss the importance of safe family environments.

Last month was National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month as awareness was being raised among teens and the surrounding community about the signs, as well as to discourage this type of violence.Amy Trotter, a domestic violence victim advocate for the Camp Zama FAP, said it is important for teens to know the signs of abuse and speak up if they have a friend who is experiencing dating violence or abuse.Some signs include being overprotective or isolating a teen from friends; constantly texting or showing up at places they weren't invited; or potentially asking for explicit photos, Trotter said.Empowering people to have the ability to feel safe in a relationship and share this knowledge with their child is vital for developing future relationships, both romantically and casually.Continued robust research efforts are important to understand the role of repairing relationships and how exposed children recover and carry this into future relationships. Any type of violence is abuse, regardless of whether its male or female perpetrated.

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