Updating my verizon blackberry 8830 firmware

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The trick seems to be to push the button on the back in and then use your other hand to slide it down.

Also, the SIM card slot is located to the left of the Micro SD slot (not very obvious, almost seems hidden).

Applications/OS: Again, nothing really has changed in these regards except ONE BIG THING, the Email/Messages application now has a Spell Check feature.

This feature had been missing in all previous Blackberry devices/OS; the only way to get a spell checking feature to work involved installing the service on the BES or using a thirdparty application.

Once I had done that, I ran through the Phone Setup Wizard that lets you choose your language, email type (BES vs BIS), and also gives you some hints on using the 8830.

Finally, I had my BES admin reset my PIN on the BES and then ran through the Enterprise Activation.

So, does the 8830e live up to the Blackberry name and worth the upgrade from the 8700 series? Packaging/Contents: The Verizon box comes w/the following items: -Blackberry 8830e phone -Leather holster w/magnetic strap -AC Adapter w/several ‘world’ power adapters -USB Cable -CDs w/BB Desktop Manager and VZAccess Manager -User Manuals -Sim Card (optional, only get this if you subscribe to the Global plan (data and voice via Vodafone/SIM card) The packaging is your usual Verizon flair.

It will take a few minutes to get used to the Menu button being a seperate button however pushing the Pearl scroller will bring up the Menu options usually too.

This Blackberry is aimed towards the business sector and in turn lacks a camera (since most organizations/courts do not allow camera phones due to espionage/priveledged information that can easily be stolen w/a camera phone).

The 8830 does away w/the scroll wheel on the side and takes a cue from the Pearl and has its own ‘pearl’ trackball for navigating.

The media player is pretty decent for a Blackberry.

It will playback MP3s/Music (stored on an external Micro SD), pictures, videos from the card.

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