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And damn, those are still some pretty, pretty Sean Maher is straight, I have no gaydar at all. And I don't mean that in a bad way, I'd love to fuck him.

on Tuesday (July 23) at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Is it possible that Sean's reeeaaaally trying to prove something?

Or that it's a surrogate arrangement, but he hasn't officially come out yet, like Clay and Ricky.

) courtesy of the Dawson and Lynch, BB plays the #Top Drop of “Liar” from a fan who had his colon cancer cut out this week.

BB jokes about him not tweeting since and being dead, Adam is telling them about the new toilet in the studio that he wanted to christen.

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Adam announced to the flock/demanded to know who left the pee on the seat, Adam is figuring out it could’ve been a not so well endowed man who left some pee pee.

Adam is back to this “Pee Pee” and BB thanks him for using the technical terminology.

Adam Carolla Piss Detective is on the case, he’s explaining how there are two bathrooms, one featuring a urinal, Adam comments that most people usually ignore the bathroom gender requirements.

Adam is now quizzing Drew about his piss habits in the studio, Drew says that Gary is now at the top of his shit-list, saying this was an overreach of authority when he’s quite busy with other producers.

Drew says he doesn’t have a clear memory and predicts he may have used everything today, Adam gets Drew to admit he does pee in toilets without raising the lid, he mentions his prostate removal and the challenge, Adam tells him to get a Rubik’s cube.

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