Who is calpernia addams dating

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Suffering from gender dysphoria from a young age, Addams felt that she should have been born female instead of male.

But the entertainer learned early in life that expressing herself resulted in punishment.

Women were not allowed to wear make-up or colour their hair," she told Jane Hutcheon on One Plus One."Wearing gold was vanity, so my parents did not wear wedding rings."It was just a strange way to grow up." Discouraged from college because her parents believed "education led one away from God", Addams later joined the Navy.

She served in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm as a specialist medic taking care of sailors, marines and prisoners of war.

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So we have more battles to fight."She has taken that fight to Hollywood, where she is an actress, producer and director.

A lot of the earliest media portrayals of trans women are either in pornography, or they are always portrayed as prostitutes, psychopaths, and punch lines in the movies," she said."Barry Winchell was a heterosexual man — he'd only ever dated women, so of course I had worries. he sat me at ease quickly."We went out to coffee, I'd scrubbed off all my show make-up.

I just had hair in a ponytail and a clean face and jeans and a t-shirt and he accepted me and flirted with me a treated me like a lady and it was very exciting because one is so insecure in those early days."Yet their relationship was not without challenges, with Mr Winchell harassed by fellow soldiers for dating Addams.

She is in Australia for the first time as part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival, culminating in this weekend's parade.

Addams' act, which includes song, dance and a variety of musical instruments, has been described as "Elvira-meets-Joan Jett".

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