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Naomi was one of the “It” models and De Niro was just…Robert Freaking De Niro, so nothing else mattered.The two could be seen moving about together often, and at one point, once their relationship fizzled out in ’93, years later, she was saying that he was the love of her life.But the one that definitely stuck out for us was his brief time with Diana Ross in the late ’70s.Seeing as I was nowhere near alive when they were getting “acquainted,” I don’t know the specific details about how they met and how they ended their time together, but it has been confirmed by different publications repeatedly, and there’s photo evidence of the two’s time together. From rebound boos and co-stars whose working relationships sparked actual relationships, these celebrities have dated some very interesting people over the years. While it’s known by most that these kids got it in with each other (probably not Screech though) on the regular and tried their hands at relationships with one another that probably weren’t anything but short little innocent flings, Lark (who played Lisa) and Mark (who of course played Zach) actually dated the longest.

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But I know that my eyes popped a little wider when I did some snooping and found out that these two were booed up in the ’90s.

Before she was rolling with very interesting characters like John Mayer and Russell Brand, and really before we knew much about her, Katy Perry was in an off-again, on-again relationship with Gym Class Heroes frontman and sometimes solo star Travis Mc Coy (aka, Travie).

They broke up in early 2009 after dating for nearly a year and sharing promise rings, and while it’s not 100 percent clear why things fell apart, his past drug use seems to have played a big part.

by now, which Fassbender stars in, I’m so done with you).

Like De Niro, Fassbender is fond of black women as well, but with this particular black woman, things didn’t work out. I wonder if the 12 year age difference had something to do with it?

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